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Energy costs ranked among the most important SME concerns

According to the latest research from the Forum of Private Business, energy costs are among the most important infrastructure issues faced by small businesses in the UK.

The proactive business support organisation, which is focused on the growth and profitability of small businesses, reported the results from its Referendum survey on ‘Infrastructure for Growth'.

A total of 80 percent of Forum members responding to the survey believe that energy costs are ‘very important' or ‘important' when running an SME. The reliability of the energy supply was also highlighted as a key issue for 75 percent of respondents.

This news comes as more businesses begin to install renewable energy as an alternative to increasingly expensive conventional fuels. According to solar energy company Eco Environments, the amount of businesses in the UK looking to reduce energy bills and reliance on the National Grid by installing solar PV has increased since Government relaxed planning rules this year.

Renewable energy is expected to play a significantly important role in UK business environments as energy prices continue to rise.

*Source - Solar Power Portal

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