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Carbon Neutral

Enjoy heat and comfort at the same time as cutting heating costs and being kind to the environment a Biomass system can tick all these boxes.  Wood pellets also offer another significant advantage: security of supply.  This is because pellets are manufactured using a raw material that is not only abundant supply but is also renewable: wood.

The carbon cycle - When trees grow, they absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide.  During the burning of wood, carbon dioxide which was initially absorbed, is released back into the atmosphere.  In essence, this provides no overall  increase in the level of atmospheris co2.  If the tree was to die naturally, it would still break down and thus eventually release the same amount of co2 back into the atmosphere.  The burning of wood pellets just speeds up this process.  It is more commonly known as the Carbon Cycle.

Pellets are one of the cheapest fuels on the market with the most stable prices, when heating with wood you are independant of energy suppliers.  Wood is arguably one of the oldest and original energy sources that man has made to keep warm.  For a long period it was also the most important.  Not until the industrial revolution and the growing demand for convenience was wood replaced by oil and gas.  Today as our supplies of fossil fuels are diminishing and our responsibility to the environment is becoming ever more important, we are recalling the advantages that wood offers as a fuel.