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Biomass Systems

One of the challenges for the future is for us all is to make optimum use of available resources, in lowering our consumption of these resources the impact on the environment will be greatly reduced.  Although most domestic houses will continue to be heated by gas, oil or electricity well into the future, there is a growing awareness that we all need to do more to reduce our dependancy on fossil fuels.

Solarae offer a range of quality appliances from reputable manufacturers within the Biomass market. Designing systems to meet our customers needs ensuring an efficient and functional system. Whether its a Domestic or a Commercial system Solarae deliver a high level of expertise ensuring your Biomass system will continue to provide cost effective solutions to the problem of rising energy costs.

Please feel free to contact us for an appointment with our technical director at our showroom and see our working Biomass boiler.

Biomass can easily be integrated within your existing heating & hotwater system.

Other options: Various fuel feed & storage options

Integration of all other system components such as cylinder, buffer solutions, other heat generators (multifuel stoves), Solar Thermal & the control play an important role.

Solarea supplies everything you need to give a comprehensive integrated bespoke renewable energy solution.

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