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Affordable heating fuel

Biomass systems (Wood-Fuelled heating systems), burn wood pellets, chips or logs to provide heat to a room or to run central heating systems and hot water boilers.  Running a Biomass Boiler system on either logs, pellets or chips connected to a central heating system could save almost £600* a year compared to electricity.

Wood Pellet Boilers are an environmentally friendly, safe and convenient way of heating the home, using wood pellets as fuel.  Wood pellets are cylindrical in shape and made from compressed sawdust, this can be the waste product from the timber industry (e.g. sawmills). They are fused by lignin present in dry wood and can look shiny. This strengthens the wood as well as giving water proofing properties.

Pellets have a low moisture content, this helps combustion efficiency, so that during the burning of the pellets, any water content must be evaporated before combustion can occur. This process requires energy, and therefore reduces overall system efficiency.  Pellets are also very dense and both these qualities make them a good source of energy.

Solarae recommend Verdo approved premium pellets due to moisture content being below 10%, Calorific value of 4.8 - 5.2WH/kg, Ash content of <1% (Low), Bulk Density of around 650kg/m3, Chlorine content of 0.03% or less and no additives.

Wood pellets are classed as a renewable carbon neutral source of fuel, as the sawdust is a waste product e.g. from sawmill industries or has been sourced from a managed forest.

Wood pellets can be bought in bags typically 10-15kg, or they can be delivered in bulk, approximatley 5 tonnes at a time by a tanker and blown into the hopper through a flexible hose.  Obviously buying in bulk can reduce the cost rather than buying in bags, but this would be down to storage facilities.

*Source: Energy Saving Trust Scotland