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Biomass Pellets

Solarae are stockists of Verdo approved premium pellets, with moisture content being below 10%, Calorific value of 4.8 - 5.2WH/kg, Ash content of <1% (Low), Bulk Density of around 650kg/m3, Chlorine content of 0.03% or less and no additives.

The wood pellets we stock are classed as a renewable carbon neutral source of fuel, as the sawdust is a waste product e.g. from sawmill industries or has been sourced from a managed forest.

Wood pellets can be bought in bags typically 10-15kg, or they can be delivered in bulk, approximately 5 tonnes at a time by a tanker and blown into the hopper through a flexible hose.  Buying in bulk can reduce the cost rather than buying in bags, but this would be down to storage facilities.

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