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Ask Rae - Solar PV

A: Solar thermal uses the heat of the sun to warm water which can be used to in radiators or directly in a bath or shower. Solar power uses solar... » read more
A: In this case the system will export your additional electricity back into the national grid and you will be paid for it. » read more
A: Ownership of the technology is linked to the site and, therefore, in the case where a building or homeownership changes, the ownership of the... » read more
A: Solar electricity systems are given a rating in kilowatts peak (kWp). This is essentially the rate at which it generates energy at peak... » read more
A: Solar PV systems convert light into electrical power using a thin layer of semi-conducting material, usually silicon, encased between a sheet of... » read more
A: A Huge amount of solar energy falls every year from the sun to the earth, we can use this energy to power electrical energy for our home and... » read more
A: Photovoltaic cells are panels you can attach to your roof or ground mounted. Each cell is made from one or two layers of semiconducting material,... » read more
A: Solar photovoltaic panels will generate electricity as long as there is daylight. The light does not have to be direct sunlight so solar PV panels... » read more
A: On a normal domestic home planning permission is not needed. However if your home is a listed building or in a conservation area, planning... » read more
A: For grants please check the Energy Savings Trust Website and the Government grant website. » read more